Established In 2006

Gladstone Child Care provide a vital resource for children and young people, from 5 to 18 years of age, who are unable to live at home. Throughout our houses we have flexible, high ratio staffing structures in place, which provides constructive and consistent adult support for our young people. At Gladstone Child Care we aim to ensure that every child and young person has a positive placement which enables them to be safe, happy, achieving, nurtured, listened to and included.

Child Centred

Upon arrival every young person receives a period of assessment, and from there will have a tailor made care package, suited to their individual needs and requirements. Gladstone Child Care strive to provide extensive opportunities for each young person to learn, grow and make informed choices regarding their care and future, while offering an environment with established boundaries, aiming to empower young people to draw on their own insights, promoting their own sense of responsibility, while focussing on a feeling of attachment and belonging, thus developing self esteem.


Gladstone Child Care work extensively to maintain a safe environment free from abuse, including bullying, and maintaining an environment where respect and dignity regardless of age, race, gender and culture remains part of our core value.


We understand the importance of our young people being involved in the decision making process of the various aspects involved in their care – giving them a sense of inclusion, thus allowing them to reach their full potential and build on positive outcomes and achieving their goals.


With this in mind, we provide a framework of support working together as a team, with the children and young people at the centre, while working closely and collaboratively with families, agencies and professionals involved in their care.