Learning Framework

The bedrock to any successful care organisation is the staff members and the environment in which they work. Emphasising the importance of skills and knowledge ensures that staff are adequately prepared for any difficulties that may arise; ensuring that our staff feel valued and supported means they can commit themselves entirely to their work.

Regulatory Codes of Practice

Gladstone Child Care has evolved since its conception in 2006 as an organisation, and we recognise the importance of the National Care Standards, The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Codes of Practice (2016) and The Standard for Residential Child Care In Scotland (2015).

These bodies ensure that each of our care workers has the appropriate qualifications required of them, as well as adequate training to carry out their functions. It also offers a value-based incentive to always strive to develop professionally.

Continuous Professional Development

Gladstone Child Care is committed to striving to ensure all staff have the knowledge, understanding, skills and commitment to meet the needs of our children and young people. This includes ensuring those requiring the appropriate formal qualifications have had access to enable them to develop their skills and knowledge and maintain their SSSC registration.

With this in mind, we identified the importance of having a continuous learning framework in place for all our staff.