Project Worker Vacancy


The role of the Project Worker is to provide a warm, caring and nurturing experience within a residential setting. You will be responsible for the growth and development of five children, aged five to eighteen years, who have experienced significant trauma in their lives. You will function in accordance with the Company Policies and Procedures. You will also be accountable to the Project Manager and thereafter the Board of Directors.


The objective of all Project staff is to provide a residential experience which will be a significant stepping stone for the children prior to their teenage years. This will be achieved by forming positive and appropriate relationships with the children, their families and the professional teams who are responsible for the children.

The Statement of Functions and Objectives provides a greater understanding of the work of the Project and you will be expected to be familiar with this document and all other Company Policies and Procedures.

Main Duties

To achieve the above objectives Project staff will need to have the ability to carry out the following tasks and duties, and function at a high level of professional practice. These duties will be carried out in conjunction with the Project Manager and on behalf of the Board of Directors.

While the duties of our staff are far too numerous to detail, we have focused on the more obvious aspects of the functioning of a Project Worker.

You will be able to communicate positively and effectively with traumatised and vulnerable children and their families and carers, in a manner that is respectful of their abilities.

You will be able to communicate appropriately with other professionals, both verbally and through relevant letters and reports.

You will be able to communicate openly and honestly with colleagues within your team to promote harmony and effective working practice.

You will assist the children in their self advocacy through in, taking into account their wishes and expectations.

Each child will have individuals who will have responsibility for the compilation and implementation of their placement plans in accordance with the outcome of the LAAC Reviews.

You will provide support in the transitional process on their admission and discharge.

You will undertake individual work, family work and group work in accordance with the children’s placement plans.

You will maintain high standards of professional practice in the following areas:

  • The provision of our care for the children;
  • Regular contact and communication with families and other carers;
  • Regular contact and communication with other professionals;
  • The provision of reports in relation to the children as required.

You will observe and practice within the Scottish Social Services Council Code of Practice for Social Service Workers.
You will be expected to contribute to and participate in team meetings.

You will have responsibility to register, or be registered, with the Scottish Social Services Council.

You will have a responsibility to maintain a record of post registration training in accordance with the SSSC’s

You will discuss and agree with the Project Manager your identified training needs.

You will fulfil the registration criteria qualifications and where appropriate participate in SVQ level 3 assessment, meeting the predetermined deadlines set out by your assessor.

Supervision will be provided monthly on a formal basis by the Project Manager, taking into account your practice, training and development needs.

You will be expected to keep abreast of relevant legislation, national initiatives and current developments associated with the care of children.

You will have responsibility to ensure that buildings, furnishings and equipment are maintained to a satisfactory standard in accordance with the Company’s Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.

You will have a responsibility to contribute to the monitoring, evaluation and development of service provision and innovative child care methods and practice.


You will have responsibility for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the children / young people through training in Crisis, Aggression, Limitation and Management. There is an expectation that you will be physically able to undertake this training and implement this in practice.

This Job Description is not complete and encompassing of all tasks, duties and responsibilities of the post and therefore it will be necessary for you to undertake any other reasonable task commensurate with the job title, as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

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